Who is Francis Rosenfeld?

Question: “Where did you grow up and how did your early experiences influence your writing?” Answer: “I grew up in Glenorchy, Tassie. My parents lived on a little piece of land, half cherry orchard, half vineyard, a few hundred feet from the Cadbury factory, practically my entire childhood smelled like chocolate. My parents didn’t raise me in… Continue reading

The Garden – Excerpt

The creatures of the wilderness had cut a dirt path through the tall grasses of the meadows, a path she decided to follow, just to see where it led. “There is nothing here,” she told herself, trying to chase away the disappointment engendered by the unremarkable nature of the world beyond. Ever since she had… Continue reading

Writing Without Predicates

Have you ever read a story without predicates? Don’t think that’s possible? That’s because you haven’t met my grade school history teacher, who taught me how to paint with words. Here’s how his system worked: while he told the story of, say, the battle of Thermopylae, he picked out and jotted down words on the… Continue reading

Möbius’ Code – Excerpt

When Jennifer entered the kitchen the next morning, she was welcomed by a new piece of art on the wall above the coffee maker. It was an “I heart Colorado” wood carving in the shape of the state. The heart was stencil cut, showing the wall behind, and the wood had been heavily lacquered quite… Continue reading

Möbius’ Code – Excerpt

“For the life of me I don’t know why I’m doing this,” Jennifer talked to herself inside her apartment, furious that she had to interrupt a perfectly relaxing day in one of the tropical environments of unconstructed space in order to wait for the plumber who was supposed to come and fix her toilet. Her… Continue reading

Möbius’ Code – Excerpt

That evening Jennifer sat in her pottery shop, looking out the window at the olive grove and wondering what to do next. This business of being and not being at the same time was proving more difficult than she would have envisioned, if in her sleepy little life she’d ever considered the possibility of getting… Continue reading

Möbius’ Code – Excerpt

Have you ever thought what would you say to your self if you happened to be stuck together in a room with nothing to do but make polite conversation? Many people would assume that one’s self would not be that entertaining, why, with it having the same thoughts, feelings and pet peeves as one, but… Continue reading

Möbius’ Code – Excerpt

After a couple of hours Jennifer got tired of crying and decided to go back home. What was the point of crying anyway, if nobody was there to care about it. She’d never thought of crying as a result oriented activity before and had to admit that if it engendered an outcome, it probably wouldn’t… Continue reading

Mobius’ Code – Excerpt

The sun was high up in the sky when Jennifer woke up that Saturday morning, and she wasn’t eager to get out of bed at all. It had been a grueling week at work, her on again off again boyfriend had canceled their date at the last minute and she knew that somewhere on the… Continue reading