Who is Francis Rosenfeld?

Question: “Where did you grow up and how did your early experiences influence your writing?” Answer: “I grew up in Glenorchy, Tassie. My parents lived on a little piece of land, half cherry orchard, half vineyard, a few hundred feet from the Cadbury factory, practically my entire childhood smelled like chocolate. My parents didn’t raise me in… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – May

“Aifa,” grandmother whispered, although nobody in the house was sleeping. “Are you ready, granddaughter? It is time to go to the Hearth.” Aifa wrapped her garment a little tighter around her waist and washed her face with the rose water her mother had made, put on her shoes and walked in silence behind her grandmother,… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – April

Ever since the Twins arrived, poor Aifa hadn’t experienced a moment’s rest. They were five year old now, constantly moving around and getting into everything, and last, but not least, they never stopped talking. They seemed to have reached that glorious age when everything aroused their curiosity and the Caretakers couldn’t stay abreast their endless… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt

The day after the Night of the Mothers, for the second time, grandmother asked Aifa. “Did you enjoy the ceremony, granddaughter?” And again, Aifa responded. “It was beautiful, Doyenne, I just thought I’d feel different after that, is all.” “It is unlikely that you would, you are not significantly different from the way you were… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – August

“Hurry up, granddaughter, we wouldn’t want our guests to find us unprepared,” Aifa’s grandmother commented, more to assuage her own tension than anything else. Everything had been prepared, cleaned, shined to a blinding polish, planned to the last detail. “Today is a big day, you know, the time when the door between life and death… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – July

“Knead joyfully, granddaughter, you don’t want that bread to be heavier than a rock,” grandmother teased. All the Caretakers were gathered at their house to bake together for the Day of Abundance. They had started early in the morning and the aroma of fresh bread, right out of the oven, filled the whole house. Under… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – November

“Are you ready, granddaughter?” grandmother asked, somewhat impatient. Aifa was still fiddling with her garment and time was growing short. “We have to go right now, otherwise we’ll be late.” “Late for what, doyenne?” Aifa asked, heading towards the door. “Our trip, dear. No, don’t take that, we are not going to need it,” she… Continue reading