There is a level of wisdom one acquires in time that allows one to accept that dealing with living entities is an eminently unpredictable process. If one is a scientist, especially in one of the hard sciences where one plus one is always two, parallel lines never meet and the mixture of hydrochloric acid and lye always yields salt and water, one gets more frustrated than the average person by the logically flawed, physically impossible and emotionally charged reactions of unfamiliar living things.

The beautiful surprises though are the breakthroughs you don’t expect, the unexplained recoveries, the unconditional love. Despite all its vast body of knowledge, its long life, as long as the universe’s, the immortal ocean fell in love with the limited, arrogant and bratty newcomers.

There was no logic behind the affection this immense pseudo-brain poured on the slow giants, no reason why they cherished their relationship and wanted to find out more, no fretting over hidden motives, no reservations. Of course one would argue that the benefit of logic told the vast intelligent community that the out of scale newcomers couldn’t pose a threat to them even if they wanted to, but logic never entered the argument. The ocean was trusting, open, with no defenses.