Solomon was not impressed by such fine details but enjoyed the slightly elevated position of the warm soap stone which provided a perfect location to stake out prey and catch small critters unaware. To Sarah’s chagrin it often brought offerings to the kitchen door after a hunt, to share with her and show appreciation.

The cat’s sparkling blue eyes were focused on the movement of the foliage and its dark chocolate ears scanned the surroundings for the faintest sound. It saw something slide slowly under a wide rhubarb leaf and pounced, all fangs and claws. Its teeth clattered in the air, holding on to nothing but the rhubarb greenery. As it stared under the broad leaf one of the rocks shifted a foot, ending up behind the eager feline somehow and changing color again.

Solomon had not been briefed on the fundamental nature of the rocks and it didn’t care about their dematerializing and rematerializing means of travel, it was just annoyed by the fact that it couldn’t catch the swift moving targets, quite embarrassing for a cat of its standing. After about twenty minutes of what looked like chasing its tail the cat attracted the attention of a large group of curious onlookers who by means unknown had made their way into the cloistered garden and were staring aghast at dancing rocks melting into thin air and reemerging a few feet away, changing their color and shape while the poor cat was using all its hunting skills to try and catch them.