Letters to Lelia – Letter Twelve – Well-crafted life (excerpt)


I’ve been thinking about what story to tell you, lives that run as long as ours aren’t lacking in moral tales, but then I realized that I would much rather talk to you about the larger context that binds events together and gives them meaning, about the miracle of a well crafted life.

None of us has the privilege to design our lives exactly the way we want them to be, and this may actually be a blessing, because we would make them a lot less extraordinary than they have the potential to become. That doesn’t mean, however, that you leave it up to chance whether you want something or not, whether you create something or not, whether you love someone or not. Your existence itself is a beautiful work of art, work that takes a lifetime to complete.

You are not given all the resources from the beginning, you have to start with what you have, to improvise, to envision possibilities, to look for the bigger picture. Some people are absolute masters at this, and no matter what life throws at them they never miss that larger canvas of their meaning, their goals are not removed from their consciousness for even one second, and they always find ways to improve upon their life’s work, even when their circumstances change.

Most of us stumble upon our purpose later in life, but you have to have one if you want your time here to make sense. Imagine trying to make a cake by adding random ingredients into the mix, just because you have them: there isn’t a single chance of it coming out edible. Your life works the same way, you have a cupboard full of ingredients and you have to select the ones that aid you in your purpose in order to make it happen.

The real art begins later, when after knowing what the ingredients are, you refine their quantities, the timing, the quality, with higher an higher standards of excellence, until the results become extraordinary. With craftsmanship comes enthusiasm, with enthusiasm mastery, with mastery a legacy for future generations.

Nobody can give you the recipe book, unfortunately, because every one of our lives is unique, so you have to create it yourself, according to your talents, your wherewithal and your circumstances. I can only assure you of one thing: every human born has a light to bring to the world, and the responsibility to do so, even if it takes a lifetime. How else would you spend your time here in the physical realm, anyway?

(From Letters to Lelia – Letter Twelve – Well crafted life)