A Year and A Day – Excerpt

The day after the Night of the Mothers, for the second time, grandmother asked Aifa. “Did you enjoy the ceremony, granddaughter?” And again, Aifa responded. “It was beautiful, Doyenne, I just thought I’d feel different after that, is all.” “It is unlikely that you would, you are not significantly different from the way you were… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – August

“Hurry up, granddaughter, we wouldn’t want our guests to find us unprepared,” Aifa’s grandmother commented, more to assuage her own tension than anything else. Everything had been prepared, cleaned, shined to a blinding polish, planned to the last detail. “Today is a big day, you know, the time when the door between life and death… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – October

As the caravan passed her family, Ama saw Aifa and winked at her, in the most ungodlike manner possible. She then resumed her statuary pose, which did not betray the fact that her garments and jewelry were incredibly heavy. The crowd moved slowly behind the Twins, past street performers and sweet smelling culinary delights, floating… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – September

There weren’t many times when the Hearth was bare, but the Celebration of Harvest was one of them. People were scattered around the city, busy with the preparations, only returning to the Great Hall to bring things for the feast. The Twins, who had far outgrown the need to be watched like children, were often… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – July

“Knead joyfully, granddaughter, you don’t want that bread to be heavier than a rock,” grandmother teased. All the Caretakers were gathered at their house to bake together for the Day of Abundance. They had started early in the morning and the aroma of fresh bread, right out of the oven, filled the whole house. Under… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – October

The blessing of the animals was always Aifa’s favorite festivity. All children loved it, of course, and some of them waited all year to bring their pets to the Hearth so that the Twins could utter a benediction over them. At the beginning of October, all families climbed the stairs up to the Market Square,… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – November

“Are you ready, granddaughter?” grandmother asked, somewhat impatient. Aifa was still fiddling with her garment and time was growing short. “We have to go right now, otherwise we’ll be late.” “Late for what, doyenne?” Aifa asked, heading towards the door. “Our trip, dear. No, don’t take that, we are not going to need it,” she… Continue reading

A Year and a Day – Excerpt – April

There had never been a more beautiful spring. The forests and the valleys were bursting with flowers, with all the enthusiasm of nature returning to life, as if nature itself was happy to see the Twins again. They returned its affection by not wanting to be away from its midst for even a second. The… Continue reading

Door Number Eight is Live!

Taylor Bradford is thrilled to have been admitted into a prestigious college, but school and life are not always what they seem. The Wayfinding Systems Introductory class she can’t remember enrolling in, but which she just can’t escape, redefines the meaning of higher learning. The book is available on most digital platforms, and also in… Continue reading