Writing Without Predicates

Have you ever read a story without predicates? Don’t think that’s possible? That’s because you haven’t met my grade school history teacher, who taught me how to paint with words. Here’s how his system worked: while he told the story of, say, the battle of Thermopylae, he picked out and jotted down words on the… Continue reading

Why I write

There is nothing new under the sun but our perception of things. Technology advances, civilizations flourish and fall, but the human spirit never changes. We are born with all the storylines able to touch our soul. These basic tales bind us through time and cultural differences and allow us to relate to each other while… Continue reading

On happiness

Some people say that happiness is not a goal. One has to strive for measurable and controllable outcomes, not chase feel good moments of no consequence. This probably explains why people lose their smile as they age, they give up on joy and judge it in others too, after all we are not here to… Continue reading