It is never easy growing up different, but when no one has looked like you in seven generations, social life can become quite difficult to manage.

Of course nobody blames you, poor innocent child, for being born a green eyed blonde in a village full of raven haired people, certainly not your aunt, who loves you just the way you are, for the most part.

No enlightened elder would give heed to ridiculous superstitions such as “the blond curse” or “the fair maiden of the apocalypse”, nor will any reasonable person believe that one glance from your clear green eyes can render cows barren, but… There’s always a but.

Cover by Daniela at selfpubbookcovers.com

Chapter 1 – Mary

Chapter 2 – The fire maiden

Chapter 3 – Matching wits

Chapter 4 – Mirror, mirror

Chapter 5 – The Ladies’ Circle

Chapter 6 – The Book of Prophecy

Chapter 7 – Palimpsest

Chapter 8 – The Que’d

Chapter 9 – A Walk at Dawn

Chapter 10 – Content

Chapter 11 – A Friend from the Past

Chapter 12 – Mirror Enchantments

Chapter 13 – Black Mirror

Chapter 14 – Mirror in the Council Hall

Chapter 15 – The End Times

Chapter 16 – Blood Spell

Chapter 17 – The One in the Mirror

Chapter 18 – A Painting in the Clouds

Chapter 19 – Spider Silk World

Chapter 20 – A History of Bits and Pieces

Chapter 21 – Ancestral Wisdom and Cholesterol

Chapter 22 – Workshop

Chapter 23 – Himalayan Poppies

Chapter 24 – A Night in the Desert

Chapter 25 – Aloud

Chapter 26 – About Flight

Chapter 27 – Archetype

Chapter 28 – Crewelwork

Chapter 29 – The life and times of Mary Coulter, born fair

Chapter 30 – A maze of twisty little passages, all alike

Chapter 31 – Denouement

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