Letters to Lelia


“Never forget, my dear child, that life is made of days, and no matter how many days you were gifted with, you should strive to enjoy every single one of them. When you have given your love and attention to your family and friends, it will still be overflowing, so pay attention to the ideals you care about, to the people whose needs call out to you, to the human race, to the universe itself.

Energy spent in activities that don’t touch your soul is wasted, and those activities will drag along for a while, only to be abandoned when the first justification presents itself. When you put your heart into something you love however, not a single obstacle can ever stand against it. It may not always be easy, but you can’t let go of it, because it is a part of who you are, your purpose.”

Letters to Lelia – Chapter Twenty Four: Love. Always.

Cover by Shardel at selfpubbookcovers.com