Terra Two


Sarah Feaherty had sound and suitable plans for her future, none of which included leaving the planet.

The young biologist enrolls in a post-doctoral program run by a reclusive female order and unwittingly becomes part of their terra-forming team; at the age of one hundred and sixteen Sarah is entrusted to tell the story of their first century on their new home world, a coffee colored planet twenty light years away from home.

Sarah’s accommodating personality gets jolted when her academic interests lead her to the eccentric and austere religious order in the south of France, in a setting that looks nothing like an institution of higher education. Little does she know, when she reluctantly joins their program, that these women, whose abrasive personalities shake all her beliefs about acceptable behavior, are going to become her trusted companions in the adventure of a lifetime. Work at their experimental farm quietly revolves around cultivating soil samples from planet 90354 ENOS, in the hope that successful outcomes will earn them a place on the terra-forming team. When they win the commission, Sarah leaves everything behind to go with them and starts her life from scratch on the barren planet, with the prickly bunch as her only company.

Cover by Shardel at selfpubbookcovers.com