Möbius’ Code – Excerpt


Have you ever thought what would you say to your self if you happened to be stuck together in a room with nothing to do but make polite conversation? Many people would assume that one’s self would not be that entertaining, why, with it having the same thoughts, feelings and pet peeves as one, but they would be wrong. Jennifer spent a very enjoyable morning with the other four Jennifers, sharing the latest gossip and expressing opinions on favorite subjects over delicious lattes with thick foam and a light dusting of cinnamon.

There was one detail that stuck out as a slight problem in the context of all that enjoyment and relaxation: apparently two of the four Jennifers had ran into a couple of her acquaintances at about the same time during the evening. The problem was that had happened on opposite sides of town, and there was no reasonable explanation for her traveling that distance that fast. She didn’t worry too much about that, what were the odds of the two rather distant acquaintances sharing this piece of information with such a level of detail? One uneventful week passed, during which Jennifer forgot about the incident and focused on perfecting her new design.

Fate is a cruel mistress. When the laws of causality are messed with, it always makes it its first priority to point out the anomaly to everyone who would listen. That’s how Jennifer’s mother found out that her daughter had been seen in two places at once, and she immediately rushed to her child’s apartment to find out every detail.

“Mom, I told you, they must be mistaken. How could I possibly be in two places at once, that doesn’t make any sense!” Jennifer tried her best impression of innocence and normality.

“Just because you’re not aware of it, Jennifer, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. You know, I heard about cases like yours, they’re very rare indeed, but they happened before. It’s called bi-location, or multi-location, it’s a rare and miraculous ability, you should be proud, honey!” her mother continued excitedly. “You know, they say most people do it without their knowledge. Maybe you should try it consciously, see what happens.”

“When Möbius learns about this, as I’m sure he will, I’ll never hear the end of it,” Jennifer thought. “I suppose I should be grateful the other two Jennifers weren’t eager to attend social events, or I would have been in four places at once instead of two. First Zanzibar, now bi-location. At this rate I’ll have to explain to people how I turned into a flock of flying monkeys before I get a grasp on that code.”

“We should all get together, to talk about the details,” her mother continued.

“I’m not sure I have time for this, you know, I’ve been very busy with work and there are some home projects that I kept putting off but which really need done soon.”

“Nonsense! House chores! Pfft! I’ll invite everybody for dinner so we can talk about your extraordinary experience.” She noticed that Jennifer was about to say something and preempted her objection. “And no, I’m not trying to fix you up with anyone, relax! This bi-location stuff is weird, you don’t know how people will react. You have to test the waters first, you know, break it into the conversation gently. You’re in no shape to do that right now. Being special takes some getting used to. Take your time to adjust, don’t rush into anything!”

“Definitely!” Jennifer thought. “If I don’t get shipped to the basement on the first available transport for messing with the laws of physics, I’ll definitely take some time to think about this.”

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