“What are you doing?” Seth asked Sarah, startling her. “Recording the atmospheric readings,” the redhead replied, without turning her head. “Really?” Seth asked, and Sarah could feel the smile that came with the question, without seing it. “Why is this surprising? You know I always record the atmospheric readings at this time of day.” Sarah… Continue reading

Out There

Dear Lelia, If I close my eyes I can still see your mother sitting across the table from me, leaning back in her chair with a sparkle of curiosity in her eyes and the confidence not to take empty words for answers. She was about your age and eager to find her way in the… Continue reading

The Gates of Perception

My darling, I never told this story to anyone until now, it is one of those life changing events that divide your days into between and after, and the person I became didn’t feel comfortable discussing it. I decided to share it with you, to maybe help you realize that not everything in this life… Continue reading

Non-linear Time

Dear Lelia, I just realized I almost forgot to tell you this, it is strange how you start putting things out or your mind after a while, I guess we were not meant to span millennia, so the brain writes over old memories in an attempt to keep up. Hey, there’s a research idea for… Continue reading

About Fear

Dear Lelia, Since our beloved sister Roberta invented the solenoid I have to say I indulged my wanderlust with zest: you never know what you’re going to find on a new planet and being the first human there is the icing on the cake. I gave all the trips reasonable preparation, I’m an adventurer, not… Continue reading

The Garden – Excerpt

“Use leaves to heal wounds?” Bertha thundered, seriously irritated. “Is that what you’ve been doing instead of tending to your chores?” Cimmy looked down, trying unsuccessfully to feign contrition. “I’ve had it with you and your nonsense! You can go out into the meadow and graze for all I care. Useless cow!” “What’s with the… Continue reading

The Garden – Excerpt

“You know,” she told her new friend, “now that we have enjoyed each other’s company for a few days it would be fitting that I give you a name, how about…” Cimmy looked at the rat, who didn’t seem impressed by the solemnity of the moment, while she pondered on the name that would best… Continue reading

The Garden – Excerpt

The next morning, Cimmy woke up in a bed. It was poorly put together from scratchy branches, and, truth be told, the ground had fewer lumps, but sleeping in a bed implied injury or illness of some kind, and she couldn’t remember getting sick. She stood up, stretching her limbs to see if there was… Continue reading

The Garden – Excerpt

She woke up from her garden dream, late. There was no one around to prompt or chide her, so Cimmy assumed they have all gone out into the fields, but one quick look out the window informed her that everybody was still there. That wasn’t the only thing she saw. The world had shifted again,… Continue reading

The Garden – Excerpt

“Are you sure it was the leaf?” Rahima asked, while stirring the pot of blue liquid to get the color evenly distributed through the fibers. “I don’t know,” Cimmy scratched her head, unconvinced. “Maybe. It’s hard to tell.” She frowned and changed her mind. “What else could it be?” “But why would placing a leaf… Continue reading