The Garden – Excerpt

“You know,” she told her new friend, “now that we have enjoyed each other’s company for a few days it would be fitting that I give you a name, how about…” Cimmy looked at the rat, who didn’t seem impressed by the solemnity of the moment, while she pondered on the name that would best… Continue reading

The Garden – Excerpt

The next morning, Cimmy woke up in a bed. It was poorly put together from scratchy branches, and, truth be told, the ground had fewer lumps, but sleeping in a bed implied injury or illness of some kind, and she couldn’t remember getting sick. She stood up, stretching her limbs to see if there was… Continue reading

The Garden – Excerpt

She woke up from her garden dream, late. There was no one around to prompt or chide her, so Cimmy assumed they have all gone out into the fields, but one quick look out the window informed her that everybody was still there. That wasn’t the only thing she saw. The world had shifted again,… Continue reading

The Garden – Excerpt

“Are you sure it was the leaf?” Rahima asked, while stirring the pot of blue liquid to get the color evenly distributed through the fibers. “I don’t know,” Cimmy scratched her head, unconvinced. “Maybe. It’s hard to tell.” She frowned and changed her mind. “What else could it be?” “But why would placing a leaf… Continue reading

The Garden – Excerpt

The bad thing about her new circumstance was that she had to move constantly, so that the villagers who were out in the field harvesting thistles wouldn’t run into her. She could hear them every now and then, and then she knew she had to find another spot. For this reason she liked to keep… Continue reading

The Garden – Excerpt

Of course, the rat, who wasn’t beholden to any of the community rules, dug itself another hole and went outside unimpeded, and since with all the rain and the new wells the harvest was bountiful, everyone had better things to do than follow a rodent around. Fay brought back treats every time he went outside,… Continue reading

From my new novel – The Garden – work in progress

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The first rays of sun sneaked into her bedroom, diffracted into rainbows by the large panes of beveled glass. Somebody had left one of the large French doors, the ones that led into the garden, open, and the breeze that blew in brought with it the scent of the night rain. Cimmy smiled and rushed… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – January

“Wake up, granddaughter,” Aifa’s grandmother shook her gently, so she wouldn’t be startled out of her deep sleep. “We need to go to the Hearth soon, we don’t want to keep people waiting.” Aifa got up quickly, washed her face and hands and put on the clothes that she’d been setting aside the day before,… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – June

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“Are you nervous, granddaughter?” grandmother asked. It was Aifa’s first public speaking assignment, one for which she had prepared the entire week, and she was, of course, all nerves. “Don’t fret over it, you will do just fine.” “What if I don’t?” Aifa asked, wretched. “Then you won’t,” grandmother joked. “I’m sure they’ll let you… Continue reading

A Year and A Day – Excerpt – May

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The Great Hall was filled with light and flowers, there were so many flowers, so many candles, the whole floor was covered in them. It felt strange for Aifa to watch the Twins, who were dressed up in their simple white garments and had flowers woven in their elaborately braided hair, sit donning unearthly smiles… Continue reading