A Year and A Day – Excerpt – November

“Are you ready, granddaughter?” grandmother asked, somewhat impatient. Aifa was still fiddling with her garment and time was growing short. “We have to go right now, otherwise we’ll be late.” “Late for what, doyenne?” Aifa asked, heading towards the door. “Our trip, dear. No, don’t take that, we are not going to need it,” she… Continue reading

A Year and a Day – Excerpt – April

There had never been a more beautiful spring. The forests and the valleys were bursting with flowers, with all the enthusiasm of nature returning to life, as if nature itself was happy to see the Twins again. They returned its affection by not wanting to be away from its midst for even a second. The… Continue reading

Door Number Eight is Live!

Taylor Bradford is thrilled to have been admitted into a prestigious college, but school and life are not always what they seem. The Wayfinding Systems Introductory class she can’t remember enrolling in, but which she just can’t escape, redefines the meaning of higher learning. The book is available on most digital platforms, and also in… Continue reading

Door Number Eight – Excerpt

The following week passed quickly, in a blur of midterms, assignments, and a million other tasks whose urgent status overshadowed Taylor’s interest for legends, myths, and mysteries. She spent a lot of time at the library during that week, but nowhere near the metaphysics section. She was feeling a little guilty about that and she… Continue reading

Door Number Eight – Excerpt

It turns out people don’t write books about doors that don’t exist. They don’t make up fairy tales about them, they don’t create myths around them, they don’t tell folk stories about them. Book after book opened wonderful avenues to knowledge, but turned out no actionable information for Taylor as far as her unbelievable adventure… Continue reading

Door Number Eight – Excerpt from Chapter Two

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“Looks like we made it back,” he said, “and just in time for class.” The campus tower clock struck four. “You have to be kidding me! I’m sure I have frostbite, and I’m going to figure out where as soon as I can feel my body. No type of instruction will occur until I find… Continue reading

Why Happiness is not a Sensible Shoe

You figure you need a pair of shoes and have a mental picture of what you want: a sensible choice that coordinates with your wardrobe and matches your busy lifestyle. You go to the mall and start eyeing the displays in search of what you already know you will buy. As you expertly scan the… Continue reading

Improbable Story

She thought she was home until the second moon appeared. She thought she was home, because everything looked exactly as she remembered it: the path to the front door of her cottage home, guarded by tall hollyhocks and delphiniums, the moss on the stone by the pond, the scent of the rain. For sure she… Continue reading

Door Number Eight – Excerpt from Chapter Eight

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“Are you alright, dear? You don’t sound like yourself,” her mother insisted over the phone. She was of half a mind to get on a train and stop over to see for herself what the problem was; her confused son/daughter had to use her best cajoling techniques to dissuade her. Taylor wasn’t too sure of herself yet;… Continue reading